a letter to you:

I'll be honest, not too long ago, I was right where you are.

our experiences shape who we are, but even more than that, those experiences, situations that happened in our childhood or as a young adult influences our behaviors, our habits, our beliefs, the way we move in the world.

as a little girl, I felt different and made a belief early on that in order to be accepted, I had to look, act, behave, and speak a certain way and so I built my identity, I led my life chasing this never ending, inauthentic ideal, while repressing my true self, ignoring intuition – those tugs within, pushed down and silenced because it was the opposite of everything I thought I should be.

ecause of fear.

many of us live a life that is in some way, to some extent, to some degree, restricted, holding back a part of ourselves based on the impact of our lived experiences of heartache, past trauma, emotional wounds. but what would your life look like if you could recognize that the fear, anger, control, shame - these blocks holding you back are manifestations of a deeply rooted belief that is no longer true?

if you could release these blocks to become the best version of you? 

I want to help you do the same.

we learn what we live

what was on the outside for the longest time was only a part of my story. a tiny sliver of my true self.

on the outside, a highly functional person. smart, quick, competent, confident, sometimes bordering on intimidating. however, as I started on my journey of self and healing, I realized just how much the outside didn't reflect the inside.

those closest to me though, could see. they could see the struggle. the tension I had with self-esteem.

see, the truth is...

its time to fall back in love with you and live a life that lights you up.

I believe in connecting with each one of my clients. I believe the work I do is heart-centered and transcends the transactional. what we will do together is deep and profound as we identify, then release limiting beliefs, rewire your subconscious so that you can reconnect to your innate power within, become the best version of yourself and achieve your greatest potential.

from my heart, to yours

how does it work?

let's get to know each other and see if we are a right match to work together.

discovery call

1 to 1 session


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2 hour session to to help you release deeply held patterns, emotionally reset and rewire your subconscious.

personalized hypnosis audio to listen to for 21 days to rewire and you keep the recording forever. 

client love

I don't know where to begin in writing this testimonial. Julie is such a gift.

She has a way of developing a strong rapport with her clients. I felt that she genuinely cared and was interested in getting to know me, and helping me work through my blocks, from our initial discovery session. The core issue we focused on was stepping into my power fully, embracing my gifts, and no longer dimming my light to please others, and omg - the results have been phenomenal!

After just two weeks of listening to her hypnosis recording, I found myself signing up to perform at an open mic. I have always loved to sing, but never in a million years, would I have imagined myself singing in front of people! It just happened. The reprogramming worked.

Julie and I are actively in touch and she is often one of the first people I think about when I want to share life updates. I am so grateful to have found such a solid support system in Julie. She is truly an inspiration to me!

- Wiaam, Virginia USA

Julie’s kind and warm nature made it easy to relax and trust her. She is professional and detailed, traits from her corporate days which I appreciate more coming from a similar background.

I found the whole RTT session very insightful. We went back to experiences from childhood through young adulthood which laid the seeds for certain negative beliefs that still persist me today. Then Julie guided me to find the connection between these incidents and how they continue to impact my behaviors today.

My favorite part is the custom recording we are given. I love how it’s so tailored to me and enjoy feeding my subconscious mind with positive affirmations and messages that Julie created just for me.

I definitely feel like the issue on hand has lessened its grip and continue to listen to my recording often. I've already sent my brother and fellow hypnotherapy classmates to try a session with Julie because I highly recommend her! 

- Beverly, Bali

My session with Julie was so great! Julie was so warm and outgoing and made me feel seen and heard. I came to her for an issue of fear of stepping out of my comfort zone. She uncovered my beliefs and helped me overcome them. She was very intuitive and knew what to ask, knowing exactly what I needed during my session. My session went smoothly, and I felt amazing afterwards.

She made me a recording to listen to for 21 days and putting in everything I wanted to hear and so much more. I’m past 21 days now going strong and still listening. I find myself much more confident and doing things I never imagined doing before. I no longer overthink things and situations, I’m surer of myself, I feel a sense of security within wherever I am and trying new things.

I definitely recommend Julie as she knows her stuff and is very skilled, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

- Kenia, Los Angeles, California

I reached out to Julie because I had some social anxiety that prevented me to speak in public, to be comfortable at work and in my private life, in social events, meeting and connecting with new people was very hard for me.

During the session I discovered a lot of things and the root cause of the social anxiety – it was eye opening! Julie did an amazing job, she was so kind, I trusted her during the process, it was very good. And she made me an amazing recording that I started to listen to right away. It’s been more than a month and I’m still listening to it because I really enjoy it. When I listen to it at night, I feel so relaxed and the next day I feel very confident. I actually did a presentation in front of my colleagues and it was great, I LOVED it, I felt very confident.

Julie is amazing, if you any issues, don’t hesitate to contact her. She’s the one that can help you because she helped me and I recommend her to all my friends and family who are struggling with things in life. She’s amazing and I love her!

- Marina, Qatar

[on self-doubt]
I am profoundly grateful to you, Julie, for your gracious, thoughtful and super organized introduction to a phenomenally effective RTT session. I really got so much out of it! The transformational words of your recording keep echoing gently through my mind, it's very relaxing and makes me smile from ear to ear. I truly LOVE listening to it! I can’t thank you enough! I wake up each morning feeling much lighter in spirit,   

- K.J., California

[workaholic, relationship to money]
Julie, you are an impressive RTT Practitioner! Thank you for taking me on, for helping me get to the root issues and I love how you did the session.

I am taking the time to listen to your recording purposefully, letting your words form images and emotions within me. Your recording is so beautiful, so what I want to hear and to soak right into me.  I know these seeds are eager, screaming to sprout! Thank you, what a sweet spirit you are.

- I.E., Vancouver

I sought Julie's assistance to help me work through some self-esteem issues that had surfaced after the pandemic and wanted to address. From the get-go I found her easy to work with, very relatable and empathetic. As someone that had never experienced RTT I found her guidance invaluable and focused. To this day I still go back to my recording to reconnect with the purpose.

- Danny, Barcelona

Julie was incredibly supportive and helped me move past a deep-rooted feeling of abandonment, a block that was holding me back in many areas of my life. She helped me realize to put my needs first and set my own boundaries without feeling guilty or selfish for doing so. This is something I’ve found incredibly difficult to do in the past. But I felt extremely safe and open with Julie and this allowed me to be completely comfortable in her presence which is why the session went so well and why I got so much out of it.

She went out of her way to make sure I was doing ok afterwards with the regular check ins and helped me with any obstacles that arose during that time, which I really appreciated. It was such a pleasure to have her guide me through this and I couldn’t have pictured anyone better to take me through that journey. I would highly recommend Julie for anyone looking to do RTT and wanting to let go of any blocks that aren’t serving them anymore!

- Client, UK


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